Digital Media and IT skills

Over the course of the MLIS I have greatly improved upon my knowledge of digital media. During a class that I tool Creating and Publishing Digital Media Content I created a blog which served as a learning journal as well as a place to show my portfolio of digital photography and the podcast that I created and edited. Here is a link to my blog Dabbling in Digital Media.

To create the e-portfolio of digital photography I learned techniques associated with good photography including how to use manual settings on a camera. I also learned how to use photoshop to digitally manipulate the photographs. This comes in handy for adjusting colour and lighting as can be seen on my blog.

We also received tutorials in using Audacity, a free sound editing programme. One assignment was to record a 5 minute podcast, to edit the sound file and to upload it to podOmatic. The podcast can be accessed from my blog.

We also learned how to write for the web as can be seen on my blog. This involves using plain English which empowers the reader rather than the writer and keeping the articles at least 50% shorter than you would printed text. We also learned about Search Engine Optimisation so my blog is optimized for searching on the web by using tags and heading 1 tags.

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