This week I decided to show a piece of evidence that demonstrates my teamwork skills. As all of my classmates know the MLIS is very heavily dependant on teamwork and and it is a skill that we can all say we have refined while studying here at UCD.

Before starting the MLIS, I quire honestly did not have all that much experience with teamwork and I remember in a job interview when asked to describe my experiences working with a team the only example I had was planning a society trip, as all of my undergraduate assignments were individual. The next time I’m asked in an interview to talk about my team work skills I’ll have lots of different projects to talk about!

The one that I have decided to show as evidence was a group project that I did last year for my Cataloguing and Classification module. As a group we had to come up with a metadata consultation for an organisation’s library. We decided to do it for ECO UNESCO, where I was volunteering to organise their library. If I had had to organise the library on my own it would have taken a great deal of time, which I didn’t have, but as part of a team the task became a lot more manageable. I think that we worked very well as a team and although we divided up the different parts of the consultation we made sure to meet regularly in order to keep each other up to date with our progress. We never actually got around to implementing the proposed metadata schema, however we felt confidant that it would be a workable solution to organise the ECO UNESCO library and may be something I will work on again in the future.

Organisation of Information Group Project Final


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