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Information Design

The piece of evidence that I have included is a piece of ‘authentic evidence’ as it reflects my own work. It reflects my information design skills and project planning skills. As recommended in this week’s reading the artefact I chose is current and is an example of direct evidence. I didn’t have time to get consent from group members to use a group report so I chose an individual piece of work.

The piece of evidence I used is a Design Proposal and Critique that I submitted this semester for my Professional Information Design module. The purpose of the report was to step through the project planning process of information design. I have also included a link to my design proposal presentation.

While working on this project I learned how to critique an existing example of information design and make suggestions for improvement. I also learned various methods of relating information and how to choose the most suitable method for your target audience. The focus of my project was to create a better signage system for the UCD Woodland Walks and to come up with better ways to relate information about the flora and fauna that can be seen on the trails. I also proposed methods on how to promote the walks more effectively.  My target audience was the students and staff of UCD, who would be using the Woodland Walks to exercise, distress and increase over all well-being so I made the signage and maps clear and simple to reduce ‘information overload’.

I was happy with the final product as I felt that my design proposal was realistic and would be an improvement to the way the Woodland Walks are experienced. If I had a chance to redo the proposal I would have carried out a short survey on a small group of the target audience to get an idea of how widely the walks are used and how happy the audience are with the existing design.

I think that the UCD Woodland Walks could benefit from implementing my design proposal as it would ensure a more pleasant and interesting walk. The skills that I gained through carrying out this proposal could be adapted to apply to any kind of information design including infographics, websites, leaflets and posters. In a library setting information design could contribute to designing better signage systems and promotional material.

Here is a link to my design proposal.


And here is the presentation to go with it. Just click on the image below.


An infographic on the anatomy of the modern librarian

CILIP | New Professionals Day 2012

Just sharing this link in case anyone is interested in going. I know it’s in London but flights tend to be cheap enough and the event itself is free.